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Gap, 6.5, M Width

I was browsing through Gap in downtown Boston with some friends before hitting a local Resteraunt down the block, when I noticed the pretty shoe display. I was giving a quick once-over to the clearance sandals when I saw the prettiest pair of point-toe flats, ablaze in color and all patched and gorgeous. Picking them up, I examined them for size. 6.5, Gap, Medium width…perfect! Only there wasn’t a price tag. Slipping them on, I turned to call one of my friends over when a young Asian woman tapped me on my
shoulder. “Excuse me,” she said politely, if not a bit annoyed. OK, she was angry. “You’re wearing my shoes.”
Hence the no-price tag. Duh.
“Sorry,” I said, blushing and wanting to disappear or disapparate. No, there were too many Muggles around. What were the chances…!
I promptly added that to my list of life lessons I was starting to collect (make sure you have eyebrows before you get a wax, don’t kneel over a sewer to dump out a slurpee with your cell in your pocket, don’t feed your friends dog chocolate, etc) and I hope that doesnt happen again! It was worth a try, I mean, like If I ever find those shoes…

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