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"If you're not fainting, dying, or puking, keep WALKING!" - Jillian Michaels I'm passionate about fitness and health, buisness, journalism, recipes, makeup advice, fashion and of course the Boston Red Sox :-)

Luigi’s Italian Ices & Salmon Nailpolish

I’m curled up on a swivel chair, blissfully painting my nails. Salmon blazed pink- funny, I just realized it’s one month to summer. How appropiate. The color’s kind of close to those soft cherry Luigi’s iceepoles / italian ices…yum! I remember “life was good” if we had Luigi’s italian ices in the freezer. Even if there was only lemon left. It would mean that school could be out and we could have a load of homework, essays or tasks to do, but whether we end up actually doing schoolwork or finding distraction with a game or novel, there we would be, icee in hand.
Those ices drove my parents crazy, finding a sticky puddle of empty, half-eaten ices on bookshelves, the floor, computer keyboard, kitchen counter, on the front steps…I mean, there’s nothing like hello-spring! to relaxing on the brown front steps, italian ice in hand, schoolwork sprawled next to you.
Those blissful days! Now they’re blissful…
Anyways, I’m coating and recoating (I’m so not good at this), laughing at memories of hiding manicured nails under gloves, scarves or load of books in high school, where only clear polish was allowed. Wow, I was in high school two years ago today..some days I feel like I could just wake up and get in my uniform and walk right back into being a senior and all. Gosh my nailpolish really has me thinking! Yeah, I’m out of school and all those crazy times, and life is a heck a lot more harder now. So I’m sure wherever I travel this summer, you could find me sprawled on my front brown steps and a cherry Luigi’s Italian Ice in hand. Unless we only have lemon.

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Dear H&M

That is so not in the Spring 2011 collection by H&M…but there it was. I cracked up when I found a white poncho for sale at H&M several months back, white with black stripes and the strings at the bottom. The springy poncho is the exact replica of the “Tallis”, a Jewish prayer shawl worn b married men in synagogue. Odd! And kinda funny to see H&M fashionistas around NYC wearing them. So I started a little game with a friend, where after showing her my picture of the poncho for sale, she texted me a photo of a girl wearing the “Tallis” crossing the street. And I caught a girl in a Times Square shop with her tallis poncho peeking out. And on subway. And at Starbucks…I’m just waiting to see a lady bring it to synagogue…while I wonder what those designers were thinking!


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Blending In

“student ID please”
“I’m actually not a student but I have my drivers’ permit” (please ignore the “NOT VALID FOR ID” in the middle) I replied. They couldn’t get over it. “But you look like a student you just blend right in!” I do work for an educational nonprofit that serves the Columbia community, but in the throngs of backpacks, smartphones, iPads and iPods and lunches and homework, I wasn’t a student. I love assuming roles and blending into a crowd I don’t belong to sometimes just to “see what it’s like.” In this scenario, that would be a Columbia University student, a college student-cum member of this elitist upper-crust society- or just a smart kid with $200,000 debt.

I think it all started when I was sitting in an ER on a Friday morning this past January, waiting to get four stitches on my finger (casualty to chopping Romaine lettuce. I swear by the pre-cut packaging now). All the doctors were casually having their coffees, danishes and morning gossip until a Code Blue flashed, and it almost seemed as if it was in the same announcement the secretary was asking for her stapler back. The doctor doing rounds to ask patients if they were victims of domestic violence came back to me (uh did she think I was lying?!) to compliment my glasses and decipher my Tzahal sweatshirt before reluctantly moving on. I decided there’s much more going on than flashing amblances and people hopping out on crutches, and added being an ER doctor or something similar somewhere on my to-do list. (I’ve added piloting a commercial jetliner, running a Fortune 500 company and being Mayor of a town since).

Anyways, I was doing a favor and taking my boss’s 9-year-old to school this morning in Manhattan when instead of quiet residential West End Avenue I accidentally turned down Amsterdam. I couldn’t help notice all the businessmen in suits and ties, standing on the sidewalk, all holding white coffee cups. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but usually the only time you see businessmen not running to work or glued to their crackBerries are Starbucks or the subway. Come to think of it, they order coffee while talking on the phone and look busy even while riding the subway, too.
I was starting to wonder what was going on when I saw what was apparently the director giving the “businessmen” instructions – ahh, a commercial set! I asked a group of guys wearing shorts, flip-flops and pencils behind their ears. Its a segment for Fox TV airing Monday. Hmm. I wish I could join in! I snapped a picture on my iPhone and moved on, but I couldn’t help looking back- those guys were actors?! They dressed the part pretty freakin’ well, I guess. Goldman & Sach, Deloitte & TouchĂ©, Price Waterhouse Cooper…and heck, they were just actors blending in. Well they did that well I guess!
I read an article recently that stated it is well known among actors that sometimes they “become” their roles and the personalities they take on. I love dropping into other cool lifestyles I want to try but I guess at the end of the day you take a picture, save the memory and move on, experiencing life and the many adventures that follow me as myself.

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