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"If you're not fainting, dying, or puking, keep WALKING!" - Jillian Michaels I'm passionate about fitness and health, buisness, journalism, recipes, makeup advice, fashion and of course the Boston Red Sox :-)

Welcome Home Troops

I stopped short at the Continental arrivals gate in Hartford’s Tom Bradley airport Tuesday morning when I saw a giant Welcome Home Our Troops sign, hanging close to the baggage claim. My sister kept walking, saying she’d seen it in many airports before, but I stood there for a few extra seconds, struck by the enormity of the sign’s implication. Maybe it’s because just last week a rocket-propelled grenade brought down a US Chinook in Afghanistan, and with it, 30 US special team forces soldiers. With the new book, SEAL TEAM 6, out, I can just start to see a piece what these men underwent to serve, not to mention them as upstanding people, leaving spouses, children and family behind. It was good to see that sign, and know there are soldiers who come home, safely. Welcome home.


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Sephora’s High Beam by Benefit Cosmetics

I was almost ready to check out with a friend at a Sephora in Rhode Island when we chanced on the Benefit aisle. I was impatient and ready to leave, but my friend insisted I try this amazing illuminator called High Beam by Benefit. I let her put a little on, and ducked to a mirror – and had her do the other side. And the two other cheek-and-lip stains, too. I ended up putting back what else I had picked out and purchasing all three Benefit products! After owning it for less than two days, I must say High Beam by Benefit is a must-have product!I have light, dry skin, but I really saw my face light up in a flawless complexion-type way I haven’t seen with other highlighting illuminators in the past. I love this product!!

What is available in stores is a mini 3-set of cheek-and-lip stains with the illuminating high beam for $15, which is cheaper if you want a sample of each before investing in the full thing.;jsessionid=NFFXCVU2NHYZKCV0KSKAX0Q?id=P1281&_requestid=88603#

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Summer Reading List!

I’m soo happy it’s summer so I could have time to read again! Between traveling and getting good weekend reads, here is a list of books I made that I’m really excited for!

Something Borrowed (and its sequel, Something Blue) by Emily Giffin

You’ve probably watched it in theaters, but if you didn’t have a chance yet Something Borrowed is the best read! I really enjoyed Giffin’s style of writing so much that I borrowed/bought her 3 other books out, Love The One You’re With, Heart of the Matter, and Baby Proof, and was not disappointed. I recommend all of them- just look up Emily Giffin, and you’re in for a treat. Five stars.

“The Best Advice I Ever Got” by Katie Couric

I skimmed this book at a Barnes & Nobles and didn’t want to walk out without it! I now have this book on hold at my local library, and am looking forward to reading about major events from Katie’s perception on the perch of a Today Show anchor. She writes a collection of essays with such interesting advice and personal moments with so many famous people she’s interviewed, this is very much going to be an inspirational read!

The Making of a Royal Romance: William, Kate and Harry- A Look Behind the Palace Walls by Katie Nicholl

Having woken up at 5 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding in April, and especially since Prince William & Kate are making their first royal trip to the US this July, I think it makes this read all the more interesting!

My Year With Eleanor by Noelle Hancock

I first heard of this on a segment of the Today Show, and read a sample chapter on It was amazing- from the smooth, easy-read to Noelle’s could’ve-happened-to-any-of-us story of being on vacation when her six-figure job in NYC is terminated. Noelle took Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous qoute, “I do something I fear every day,” and went on a year-long instrumental journey towards success. Inspiring and love her writing style!

Unlimited: How to Live an Exceptional Life by Jillian Michaels

Had to mention this amazing, powerful book. Skip the self-help section at Borders or B&N because this book has everything packed in! I met Jillian at her book signing for Unlimited, and cannot tell you how much of a positive change this book has made on my life! An enjoyable, meaningful read no matter if you have weight to lose or not from America’s toughest trainer.

P.S. – I am a major fan of Jillian’s weekly podcasts, free on iTunes under “The Jillian Michaels Show.”


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The goldfish who lived

We’ve been caring for our goldfish for six-and-a-half years now – October 2011 will mark 7 years since my mother handed game tickets and warned us “not to play the game you win goldfish.”
We came home with 4.
We kids were determined to keep these fish alive, and borrowed (permanently) Ziploc containers from the kitchen for the fish and “fish food” from the supermarket (it turned out to be Beta food but we didn’t know that at first.)
Possibly because we fed it Beta fish food or because goldfish are goldfish, they lasted maybe a week. We were sorely disappointed and wanted more, so when our classmate and neighbor called us to save their last surviving goldfish from her little siblings, I ran across the street with a styrofoam bowl, and carefully brought “Zoe Hammie Wren” to our home. (Named after all three characters of Baby Blues; we don’t know whether it’s a he or she, and with 8 siblings everyone calls it something else)

I could describe this two-inch-long goldfish without a tail in one word: Survivor. When we saw the little fish wasn’t dying anytime soon, we all but drove my parents to PetCo, emerging with $40 worth of fish tank, stones & decor, goldfish flakes and oh…a pretty Beta fish (we still had the old food ;)), so the goldfish wouldn’t get lonely.
I felt so nice dumping the pretty blue Beta out of it’s teeny little container into a spacious tank with a ‘buddy’…whatt a mistake!
Right off the bat we knew they didn’t hit off. What we didn’t know is Beta fish are notoriously territorial (hence the size of their containers, duh) and no matter the space, they will fight until you leave- to death, as we learned quickly.
It was a daily splash war as the blue beta chased the goldfish around, and soon the goldfish wasn’t looking so good- white, pale, listless…and afraid.
It came to a head when the blue beta actually bit our goldfish’s tail off.
Making an intervention, my mom moved Beta out of the tank to a small (fish-shaped) open bowl next to the tank; we had learned our lesson.

The next afternoon my mom showed up to lunch during school to ask me if I had seen the Beta fish.
“Seen it? Like it walked away? Huh?” we asked, confused. When I came home from school, I saw it with my own eyes. The beta fish’s bowl was empty.

We called PetCo that night. My mom spoke.
“Excuse me, have you heard of disintegrating Beta fish?” my mother asked, expecting customer service to hang up on her.
The worker asked if we had moved our fish recently, and we said yes. She explained it had happened before; the territorial Beta, when moved, gets so angry it will literally jump out of the bowl- committing fish-suicide, essentially.
We found it, rolled under the heater next to the coffee table that held the tank. Ewww.

Our goldfish made a rapid recovery. It gained weight, turned the proper orange-gold, and regained spurts of her tail (only a girl could survive that!).

Every Passover, we lend our fish to the neighbors to care for, since fish food has the leaven ingredients. They love it, their kids love it, but were always so happy to see it come home. Whenever we leave home or arrive home, it’s always a “how’s the fish?” or the occasional call from overseas, “She still alive? Just checking.”
Yeah, I think she’s a she, and she’s a Survivor. Catchy name.

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Gap, 6.5, M Width

I was browsing through Gap in downtown Boston with some friends before hitting a local Resteraunt down the block, when I noticed the pretty shoe display. I was giving a quick once-over to the clearance sandals when I saw the prettiest pair of point-toe flats, ablaze in color and all patched and gorgeous. Picking them up, I examined them for size. 6.5, Gap, Medium width…perfect! Only there wasn’t a price tag. Slipping them on, I turned to call one of my friends over when a young Asian woman tapped me on my
shoulder. “Excuse me,” she said politely, if not a bit annoyed. OK, she was angry. “You’re wearing my shoes.”
Hence the no-price tag. Duh.
“Sorry,” I said, blushing and wanting to disappear or disapparate. No, there were too many Muggles around. What were the chances…!
I promptly added that to my list of life lessons I was starting to collect (make sure you have eyebrows before you get a wax, don’t kneel over a sewer to dump out a slurpee with your cell in your pocket, don’t feed your friends dog chocolate, etc) and I hope that doesnt happen again! It was worth a try, I mean, like If I ever find those shoes…

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Go Sox!

I love the time of year when it’s getting down the final games nit-and-grit and everyone in town is rooting for the team, from the guy filling your gas tank to the trainer at your gym. Which is why I expected to find a Bruins display more than a Sox one but this definitely made me stop and smile!


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Heels & Today

I love heels! Especially cute ones. More specifically, Ann Curry’s black-and-white polka-dot six-inch heels she wore on the Today Show this morning! I visited Rockefeller plaza this morning in a whirlwind NYC trip and had so much fun seeing the Today crew! I want to go into broadcast journalism so it was really a treat to see how it works. I liked Meredith’s Louboutins a lot (and told her; she said thank you, and wow I love your hair!) but Ann’s heels have me dying to find a copy online! Anyone have an idea?
Update: I found them! Black polka dot heels by Valentino, available at Nordstrom and Bergdorf & Goodman for $310 down from $690. Yikes. Anyway, they’re amazing. And in the long run, they’re $310, not $3,100, so it’s totally OK to buy them…for a special occasion.


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