Sephora’s High Beam by Benefit Cosmetics

03 Jul

I was almost ready to check out with a friend at a Sephora in Rhode Island when we chanced on the Benefit aisle. I was impatient and ready to leave, but my friend insisted I try this amazing illuminator called High Beam by Benefit. I let her put a little on, and ducked to a mirror – and had her do the other side. And the two other cheek-and-lip stains, too. I ended up putting back what else I had picked out and purchasing all three Benefit products! After owning it for less than two days, I must say High Beam by Benefit is a must-have product!I have light, dry skin, but I really saw my face light up in a flawless complexion-type way I haven’t seen with other highlighting illuminators in the past. I love this product!!

What is available in stores is a mini 3-set of cheek-and-lip stains with the illuminating high beam for $15, which is cheaper if you want a sample of each before investing in the full thing.;jsessionid=NFFXCVU2NHYZKCV0KSKAX0Q?id=P1281&_requestid=88603#

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